Two Words That Are Key in a Relationship

3.Two Words of Respect

You’ll only say thank you to someone who has touched your heart in some way. You respect people who have earned it. This does not mean someone went gold mining for you but a little act of being nice to someone elder to you can gain you respect. But since you can’t say “I Respect You” all the time, thank you becomes the unsaid bridge of emotions. And in relationships these days, thank you will only make your way easier, calmer and much more fun which is why it becomes the most important key in a relationship.

2. Two Words of Care

When you care for someone, even to a minute degree, that is when you’ll say thank you to them. imagine you’re in a grocery store and you have to pull something off the top shelf. You can’t get to that height and a man comes and hands it over to you. This is an emotion of care. A moment where he cared for you and you thanked him in return. This is why these words are key in the relationship.

1. Two Words…That’s All.

This is all it takes to have a wonderful relationship. Just two words which are key in a relationship. Two words that can build you, make you stronger and last you longer. Think! Thank you! ☺