8 Things That He’ll Text You If He Loves You

6. Anything That Reminds Him of You OTG (on-the-go)

You might be busy with your errands while he is running his chores but if he finds something that reminds him of you, he’ll instantly drop you a message. He loves you and he wants you to know that you are on his mind no matter if you’re together or not. May it be a picture of where you guys love to hangout to a dress that he thinks will suit you perfectly, he will constantly keep you updated. That is only because he loves you and wants to have you with him wherever he goes. Isn’t that so sweet?

5. Jokes To Make You Laugh

When he loves you, he will never laugh at joke all by himself. He will keep you with him by texting you the jokes and making you a part of his fun times. Text messages are an instant method of connection which require little effort. And he truly realizes that and uses it to his advantage. This is his way to keep you a part of his life.

4. Doesn’t Shy From Using Love Emojis

In this world where words have converted to emojis, he will make sure to use all the heart, flying kisses, hugs and whatever available to tell you he loves you. You might often receive every single text message followed by a flying kiss emoji. Or maybe, in the middle of the day, you’ll look at your phone and see a ‘heart’ emoji. How heartwarming! 😉