8 Signs that your Girlfriend is a Real Woman

6. A Real Woman Is Always Under Control

No matter what life throws at her, a woman will have the situation under control. If it’s a storm in your relationship, she will manage it well. She’ll never get too drunk in a party. She’ll always keep cool and stay in charge of herself.

5. A Real Woman Doesn’t Display Her Life Online

Oh, the wonders of social media. A woman will never update everything of her life on Facebook. She doesn’t need others approval to carry on with her day. She is comfortable and private about her life.

4. A Real Woman Will Not Boast About a Lifestyle Change

May it be reverting to religion or changing her diet plan. May it be joining a fitness program or taking up a new course in class, a woman will never boast about it unnecessarily. She might speak to her friends about it but she won’t make public announcements.